Just imagine a nice big Celtic knotwork line
 here, ok?

Things I'm interested in

Science fiction, strange tv shows, women's issues...

Handily, these are all things with links. Garsh. Don't think I planned that, do you?
Nah. Couldn't be. That would require organization.

Just imagine a nice big Celtic knotwork line
 here, ok?

I read a lot of books

Yes! I read books. What an odd concept.
They're not all SF. Just most of them.
Anyway, some SF writers I'm interested in include Diane Duane , Ursula K. LeGuin, C.S. Lewis , Steven Brust, Robert Heinlein, Spider Robinson , who has his OWN page now, Edgar Rice Burroughs... Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett... And MIKE JITTLOV! Um. Well, he does movies. But read all about him anyway! And read all about J.R.R. Tolkein, one of those founders of modern fantasy.
(Plug) Read stuff from Circlet Press (/Plug)
Non SF folks include Starhawk , Rita Mae Brown, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Jane Austen, Shakespeare, Dorothy Parker , H.D.[Hilda Doolittle], Zora Neale Hurston, Agatha Christie, Pat Califia, Dorothy Sayers, Sappho, Jean Froissart (perhaps the least objective historian around) (Yes, I know I'm exaggerating), lots of entirely random non-fiction books I couldn't even begin to catalog.

I also read comic books

Yes, I'm one of Those People.
Tintin, Sandman , Books of Magic, the ever engaging "Hothead Paisan: Homicidal Lesbian Terrorist!", Marvel and DC back issues, Classic Captain Marvel Family stuff, Elfquest, and whatever else catches my fancy. Like The Tick (spoooooon!), and Alison Bechdel's Dykes to Watch Out For.

The fruits of my reading

I collect quotes. Here's some of them. And here's a bunch of quotes that I remember being made. Well, some of them... Hey, look, a *searchable* quote page. And these aren't strictly quotes, but a lot of them are quotes. It's Nancy Lebovits's Button Catalog. (Lots of large, calligraphed buttons.)

Fruits of experience

Just by the shape the world is in now, I'm kind of forced into activism. I'm a feminist, a member of the lesbigay liberation movement (a phrase I hate, just so you know), a media critic, and a foe in general of folks trying to take people's rights away.

TV is not unheard of

I'm a Trek fan. But I have no links for that. Everyone and their sister have Star Trek links. They even have Voyager links, though I can't imagine why.

Me, I have Blake's7 links.
Well, a Blake's 7 link. I'm into minimalism just now.
Yes, the adventures of Avon, Blake, Callie, Jenna, Gan, Vila, Tarrant, Dayna, and even Peter Tuddenham! (And Servalan. Not like I'd ever forget *her*...)
There's also Quantum Leap , though I'm not nearly as fascinated by the thing as some other people on the net.
Ditto with Beauty and the Beast. Good romance, which is too rare.
Ok - Now here's a tv show you really must watch That'd be Babylon 5, to which I am hopelessly addicted.

Other things I do

A staff of music. This section is, obviously, music

I sing a lot, but that's not getting any links. In addition to singing, as a reasonably adept young person, I played the recorder and the flute. Here's something on the care and maintenance of flutes, and here's a history of the instrument , and some music for said flute to play. The recorder's got a page, too, though it's a much less interesting instrument.
I've recently taken up handbell ringing, mostly because my then housemate Kath recruited me. It's fun , though I'm still a newbie at it. Anyway, I ring with the Christ Church ringers... We're members of The American Guild of English Handringers. I'm also thinking of becoming a change ringer (on the big bells they have in church towers), but I haven't gone and done it yet, and it seems less likely I'll do so anytime soon.
(Oh, and for the rabid Bach fan , we offer this.)

I also hike and paint and take walks and watch movies and wander the net and waste time on the T, but I'm not going to waste your time on those here.

Ok, I lied, I am. I just discovered that the Appalachian Mountain Club has a home page. Good folks, go check 'em out.

One can't can't get away without the ubiquitous "people I know" bit of this page. Eeek.

As I know you're a reasonable adult, I won't have a pointer back to the beginning of my page. Well, maybe I will.