Part the First

Hidey ho. I'm Kate Martin, since the handle's a bit confusing. I dunno how scintillatingly interesting this'll be, but if you want to come explore, feel free. This isn't really just a placeholder anymore, but (lemme tell you a secret) I kind of enjoy calling it that. Actually, future plans are in fact still percolating, so... check in sometimes.

(Hey. Look. A picture. I apparently just woke up, but it's a picture.)

Another Portion

I'm less new at this than I was, but I'm steadfastly not sticking fancy shmancy Java and CGI stuff (or images or backgrounds or...) on here, as it'd just jazz up a page that doesn't need and/or deserve jazzing up. If you want something more interesting, go back to the other Haven folks' pages. They have the added plus of being less chaotic than mine. Or, wander over to the next bit of my stuff around here. Y'could also get to some stuff that might be useful. Some of it's really only interesting to me. It's mutating.

A small, recently slightly rewritten, explanation for my login name.

Nota Bene

This page is, by the way, not "under construction." It's not done yet, it's sparse, it's being worked on, it needs editing, it needs beefing up, whatever you care to say, but it's definitely not (I say NOT) under construction. Bridges get constructed. Roads get constructed. Home pages are words, not physical objects. Don't mind me, it's just something I've wanted to say for lo these many months.

Please note, nowhere on this page is a link to Yahoo. This may well be against some law... Nor does this thing blink. The World Wide Web is not a traffic light, thankyouverymuch.

The place wherein you may, if you so choose, mail me. It's proper HTML form, why not?
Also, last revision of this page was the 17th of June (1996!) In case you have a morbid interest in such things.