I moved out of Mystic House recently, to live in Cambridge, MA, with the Steward(ess) of Carolingia. If you don't know what Carolingia is, please click here and be transported to the wilds of the SCA in the greater Boston area.

Other than rearranging my new apartment, looking for a job, sleeping late, and getting my armour back together after the great armour lossage of last year, I am not really doing much.

If you're interested in knowing how things are progressing with any of the above topics, keep checking back or send me some email. I am not logging in as frequently as I used to (~3-4 times a day), but I will be on-line two to three times a week, at least. If you would like to pull down a copy of my resume and references for distribution or just for practice with your darts set, I've got PostScript copies of the most recent resume and my references here.

Also, please remember, "Whoever goes off to fight monsters should take care that, in the process, he does not become one of them." -- Nietzsche